SA Baxter FAQs

How can I order SA Baxter Hardware?

Our products are sold exclusively through our showrooms in New York City and London. Please call either showroom to speak to a sales associate.

Door Hardware is typically specified in sets on a door-by-door basis. Our sales associates will guide you through the selection of appropriate latches, locks and accessories for your specific door conditions.

Can I request samples?

To request samples, please email the information below to

  • Contact Information
  • Company Name
  • Product Sample requested, please include the sample number (indicated on each product page)
  • Finish desired

A sales associate will contact you once your information has been received.

Where can I find the price list?

Pricing is provided by quotation in USD and can be obtained via email, or by calling our showroom.

What form of payment is accepted?

SA Baxter accepts checks and wire transfers. Please contact a sales associate for account details.

How do I clean my SA Baxter Hardware?

Most of our finishes are living finishes and are meant to age with time and use. When cleaning is necessary always use a non-abrasive cloth and never use harsh chemicals or soaps. Our brass, bronze and copper finishes are antimicrobial with the inherent ability to eliminate a wide range of harmful microbes relatively rapidly with a high degree of efficacy.

To clean any hardware with a plated finish, use a dry jewelers cloth. If spot cleaning is truly necessary, use a damp cloth.

For hardware with all other finishes, use a damp, non-abrasive cloth.

Click here for Metal Flooring Installation and Maintenance

How will salt and seawater affect SA Baxter hardware?

Salt and sea water will accelerate the aging process by changing the hardware’s color, sheen, and texture. SA Baxter can recommend finishes most suitable for marine environments.

What if I want to create something unique?

SA Baxter offers a custom service for those clients wishing to modify an existing SA Baxter product or develop their own unique design. Visit our Bespoke section.

Do you have a catalog available?

Download our catalog. If you are a Trade Professional and require a hard copy of our catalog, please with your mailing address.