The young Metal Artist and Jewelry Designer, Hamish Dobbie, has certainly made a splash in the world of metal sculpture.


We are enamored with the aesthetic of this collection, and impressed with the use of 3D CAD and 3D printing technologies.  The combination of digital fabrication and delicate hand-chasing, is something we can most definitely relate to.



The intersection of 3D CAD modeling tools and traditional sculpture mediums has allowed artists to literally warp and replicate forms – which are typically straight and prismatic.  Here’s an excellent example, titled Fingals’ Goblet:



This stunning bronze chair, shown at last week’s Design Miami/Basel event (which happens in conjunction with Art Basel in Switzerland), was created by Designer and Artist Matthias Bengtsson.


image (5)

image (6)

The truly fascinating aspect of this concept is the usage of software for the design process – which is driven by a bio-mimicry technique to generate this flowing intertwined form – not unlike the virtual nature-inspired algorithmic designs of Somerville, MA based Nervous System.  The form is captivating, as is the color and tone of that bronze…Call us impressed.


We all know and love the warmth of patina in the world of door hardware and trim – That mellow aging of brass and bronze which adds so much character to a space.  Another way to bring this lustrous glow into a room is to accessorize with optics.  Vintage Microscopes, Binoculars, Telescopes, Opera Glasses, and their variants make for incredible accent pieces.  Below is a sampling of some of our favorites we have stumbled across.

OperaGlasses2 OperaGlasses1 binoculars2 binoculars1 antiquated-brass-39-double-telescope-brass-harbormaster-on-5-tripod spyglass3 spyglass2 Telescope on MapM26_side1_full M08 down full M08 angle1 full

Just some quick snaps taken around our Foundry on a Friday afternoon…

First up are these Project-Ready Modern Door Knobs and Escutcheon plates, prepared for euro-profile cylinders.


Harry Allen Door Knobs finished in Antique Brass.


And perhaps some Harry Allen Door Hinges to match?


Happy Friday!

The juggernaut event that is Art Basel Miami Beach had no shortage of incredible artwork installations in virtually every medium.  We tend to gravitate towards the metallic artwork Variety.  Take for example this aluminum and stainless steel sculpture, titled “The Garden”, by Peter Rogiers – we can only imagine a cluster of these in an outdoor setting.

The Garden

“The Garden,” 2012, Peter Rogiers, Galerie Thomas Schulte of Berlin.

And this sculpture, entitled “Bearlike Construction” by Gimhongsok, displays the amazing intricacy possible with bronze sculpture.  The illusion of being a beanbag-like structure is positively intriguing.

Bearlike Construction

“Bearlike Construction” 2012, Gimhongsok, Kukje Gallery of Seoul, Korea/Tina Kim Gallery of New York.

Finally, a whirlwind of metal – “Twin Vortexes” by Alice Aycock, crafted of painted aluminum – this piece feels as though it is truly in motion.

Twin Vortexes

“Twin Vortexes,” 2012 (painted aluminum), Alice Aycock, Collins Park


The geometric varied forms of these LED pendant lights by Bec Brittain are a sight to behold.  It seems as though the configurations are limitless, due to these lights’ modularity.


From Bec Brittain’s website: “The SHY Light (taking its name from the initials of the designer’s grandmother) uses the spare beauty of thin LED tubes to define the edges of its shape; in this way the function of the piece is created by its form, and vice-versa. It is also inspired by crystalline structures, both by the shapes they take as well as their growth. The modular hardware that comprises the SHY light can be reconfigured in a myriad of different ways, taking new shapes according to what the space demands; like crystals each can be different while sharing the same structural foundation.”



Although we’re partial to Antique Brass, these lights are also available in Brushed Brass, Oil-rubbed Bronze, Satin Nickel, and Dark Pewter.  We’re intrigued by the juxtaposition of an extremely contemporary lighting aesthetic, to the use of such classic familiar metal finishes.