We are continuing to expand on our Collection of QuickShip Project-Ready Hardware – and thus our introduction of more cabinet hardware – cabinet pulls!  These pulls are available in 3in. C-C (76mm) and 5in. C-C (127mm) sizes in all 9 Project-Ready finishes.

SA_Baxter_Project_Ready_Brass_Bronze_Cabinet _Pulls2

These pulls may be viewed in both our New York and London showrooms.

SA_Baxter_Project_Ready_Brass_Bronze_Cabinet _Pulls1

Tearsheets will be available the week of April 15th.

Spring is FINALLY starting to take hold here in the Northeast.  After a long Winter season, we are happy to see signs of nature waking up.  To celebrate, here’s a quick snap of a round variation of our Judith Frey Door Knob, surrounded by a circular array of PP-3006 Oval Pocket Door Recessed Pulls.


Just some quick snaps taken around our Foundry on a Friday afternoon…

First up are these Project-Ready Modern Door Knobs and Escutcheon plates, prepared for euro-profile cylinders.


Harry Allen Door Knobs finished in Antique Brass.


And perhaps some Harry Allen Door Hinges to match?


Happy Friday!

We’re not sure what we’re more in love with, the lustrous patina of the bronze, or the fascinating subject matter and use of negative space of Jesus Curia Perez’ pieces.  The work of Mr. Perez is both thought-provoking and simply beautiful to look at.


Jesus Curia Perez Sculpture: “Downstairs”

Mr. Perez’ work is offered by our friends @ 1stdibs Dealer Network, from the Ann Nathan Gallery, Chicago.


Jesus Curia Perez Sculpture: “Downstairs”

From the 1stdibs website: “Working primarily in bronze, Perez removes space from conventionally fleshed out areas of the body; he abnormally lengthens limbs or substitutes geometric forms for clothing or torso. This manipulation of space makes the viewer intensely aware of how one inhabits and interacts with space. This most recent body of work is inspired by mythology.”

Screen shot 2013-02-15 at 10.48.01 AM

Jesus Curia Perez Sculpture: “Icaro IV”

Earlier this week, we took advantage of the newly fallen snow outside our Foundry for a quick photoshoot – and today happens to be an appropriate snowy day for us to now post this.

DK-3001 Rustic SAB Logo

SA Baxter DK-3001 Snowflake Door Knob, finished in Antique Bronze.

What better Door Knob to feature than the DK-3001 Snowflake-inspired design.  The combination of the warmth of a bronze patina, the texture of weathered timber, and the cool juxtaposition of frozen white makes for a snazzy photo.  For our friends in the Northeast, enjoy the ‘snow event’ and stay warm!

Just some quick snaps taken around our Foundry on a Friday afternoon…


Cabinet Knob CK-3001 in 1:, 1-1/4″, and 1-1/2″ Diameters, Robert Stern Fluted Lever, and Art Deco Lever LV-3002, finished in Polished Nickel.


SA Baxter Project-Ready Lever LV-9504.


A Gaggle of Traditional Keyhole Escutcheons, KE-2014


SA Baxter Project-Ready Cabinet Knobs CK-9507