Many thanks to Barbara Page Glatt for including our Gothic Center Door Knob in her ‘Shut the Front Door!’ Door Knob Blog Post.  We’re flattered to be part of this eclectic selection.


SA Baxter Gothic Centre Center Knob

Also featured is our Basket-weave Pattern Door Knob, designed by Randy Florke.

SA Baxter Basket Weave Door Knob By Randy Florke

Thank you Barbara!

Today is the last day of the NY Design juggernaut that is ICFF.  Here is a sampling of Exhibitors showing furniture pieces crafted in Bronze.  Our favorites are Nick Davis’ Etched Bronze Tables…divine…

Nick Davis Foundry Etched Bronze Table 2 Nick Davis Foundry Etched Bronze Table

Ages Occasional Table by Elliot Eakin:

Elliot Eakin

Oona Pendant by Tamera Leigh Staten:


As mentioned here, SA Baxter was selected by Garcia / Maldonado, Inc. to be part of their design for the Kips Bay Show House.  After a gala opening event this past Monday, the Show House is now open to the public.  We’ll show you a bit more next week, including shots of our installed hardware in the luxurious urban lounge.

Kips Bay Garcia Maldonado Room Courtesy of NY Times and Trevor Tondro

Kips Bay Show House, Garcia Maldonado Room, Courtesy of NY Times and Trevor Tondro

Check out coverage by the New York Times.


Date night in the groovy hookup lounge by Louis Jon Garcia-Maldonado, with its sueded leather walls, mirrored bar shelves, gray moire curtains, mammoth daybed and crackling gel fireplace, is threatened by two female archetypes: a flame-haired warrior, a wall-size female nude painted by Eric Pedersen and a kittenish Kate Moss in a Russell Young photograph, clad in black undies and black thigh-high stockings, clutching a teddy bear.”

We all know and love the warmth of patina in the world of door hardware and trim – That mellow aging of brass and bronze which adds so much character to a space.  Another way to bring this lustrous glow into a room is to accessorize with optics.  Vintage Microscopes, Binoculars, Telescopes, Opera Glasses, and their variants make for incredible accent pieces.  Below is a sampling of some of our favorites we have stumbled across.

OperaGlasses2 OperaGlasses1 binoculars2 binoculars1 antiquated-brass-39-double-telescope-brass-harbormaster-on-5-tripod spyglass3 spyglass2 Telescope on MapM26_side1_full M08 down full M08 angle1 full

We are happy to announce that we have partnered with a new publication from Robb Report, titled Home & Style Magazine.  This bi-monthly magazine “showcases the work of leading architects and interior designers with special sections dedicated to their latest projects and guiding philosophies”.




We hope to announce another interesting Development with the folks at Home & Style in the near future.  We’re eager to spill the beans, but we’ll be patient…stay tuned.


Spring has finally arrived in the Northeast…we’re delighted to at last feel some warmth and take in the colors!  Hence a little inspiration for this group shot of SA Baxter knobs, levers, hinges, and pulls finished in satin burnished nickel.