[tweetmeme source=”@SA_Baxter” only_single=false http://www.URL.com]When transforming metal into objects, there are several different approaches one can take. A few like: casting metal, pouring molten metal into a mold or a blacksmith, who uses heat and a hammer to forge metal into shapes are well-known in the industry. But we’ve discovered one you may not have heard of, ‘blown’ metal.

blown metal chair by Stephen Newby

Yes, you read right, blown metal!  But how does one, blow metal? To break down the process in layman terms, weld two pieces of metal together and quite simply, blow air between the two sheets. The metal is heated, of course, and it takes a trained metal worker to know just when to manipulate the metal so don’t try this at home! But the end result is both unique and whimsical.

Coffee Table Blown Steel Pillow Base by Stephen Newby

British artist/designer Stephen Newby has taken that which is most often thought of as hard and cold and turned it into something instantly recognizable to most as comfy and cozy. Known as Full Blown Metals, Stephen Newby aims, “to soften and bring an organic, tactile quality clinically modern materials… and in doing so giving these materials a soul.” His pieces range from stainless steel chairs to modern coffee tables, screens and fabulous puffy sculptures. His work is so unique, it’s turned more than one head, for a second glance.

blown metal pillow room divider by Stephen Newby

To learn more about the process of blowing metal check out this article on Science Daily, Architectural Design: Blowing Metal to Create Chairs and More. Photos courtesy of Full Blown Metal.

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Metal chair by Ron Arad

Metal chair design

While visiting the The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, we came across a brilliantly designed metal chair in the shape of an overstuffed armchair, and quickly became more of a fan of architect and designer, Ron Arad (if that’s even possible!). His designs are always playful and artistic, showcasing brilliantly innovative metal work. The sinuous forms of these overstuffed, comfy looking chairs are juxtaposed and ironic by the use of metal. Made from a single sheet of steel, Arad cut and pressed it into a bulging form of concave and convex contours that are sure show-stoppers.

Ron Arad metal rocking chair

A Metal Rocking Chair