A few of us at SA Baxter are automotive nuts to say the least.  Imagine our surprise when we encountered this post over at Core77.  The care and hand-crafted effort put forth into each and every Porsche badge is something near and dear to our hearts.  We think you’ll find the detail and focus of the craftsmanship to be absolutely fascinating.


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Metallics are very much in vogue in the fashion world.  We are loving the idea of these headphones by Frends.

Frends Gold Headphones

The headphones (Layla) and large headphones (Taylor) really tickle our fancy.  The available finishes are gold, rose gold, and silver.

Frends Rose Gold Headphones

Frends Metallic Headphones and Earbuds

How would these look in Antiqued finishes?  Hmmmmm…

Via design-milk.com

We at SA Baxter admire fellow bespoke Hudson Valley, NY-based Artisans.  The region North of New York City is seeing a renaissance in small manufacturing businesses.   This new feature will spotlight these thriving small businesses which develop furniture, lighting, home accessories, and jewelry.  Our first featured Artisan is Jessica Wickham of Wickham Solid Wood Studio.

Wickam Solid Wood Studio in Beacon, NY

Jessica fabricates gorgeous one-of-a-kind hardwood furniture for both private and commercial clients.  Wickham is located in Beacon, NY.  Beacon is 60 miles North of New York City and home to the Dia:Beacon contemporary art museum, as well as a thriving Artist Community.  A number of Jessica’s pieces feature steel and brass inlay.  A focal point of the Wickham’s process is the sustainable practice of sourcing local hardwood species – sourcing “dead and down” logs from Hudson Valley landscapers since 2004 .

Wickham Cherry Steel Tenon Bench

Wickham Little Split Fold Bench in Black Walnut

We love Wickham’s work and applaud their dedication to sustainable principals and craft!

We love these artwork pieces by 5 Feet from the Moon, based in Santa Cruz, California.  In addition to these gorgeous works of art, artisans Katrina and Dominic create a number of custom products including furniture, fireplace surrounds, gates, and signage constructed of various metals and concrete.  The soothing color palette and warmth of these artwork pieces would work so well on a large white wall expanse.

Patina Metal Artwork

Patina Metal Artwork

Metal Patina Artwork

Katrina has this to say regarding these ‘Patina’ pieces: “Being born into a family of gardeners and lovers of nature, it was only a matter of time before the botanical silhouettes showed up in my work. The mysteriousness of how the colors sometime react with the oxidation process is also another appeal that keeps me inspired.”

The craft of investment casting, or lost-wax casting, is as old as the days of the Pharaohs.  Investment casting allows for the creation of metal products with un-compromised structural integrity and aesthetic detail.  Door knobs, escutcheon plates, and door knockers have been fabricated via investment casting for centuries.  At SA Baxter, Investment Casting allows us to create unique classic contemporary luxury door hardware, with an uncompromised level of aesthetic detail.

With the advance of 3D digital design and fabrication technology, the speed and quality improvements brought to this old world investment casting realm are truly phenomenal.  SA Baxter utilizes the latest cutting edge 3D design visualization software (3D CAD), as well as 3D digital fabrication processes (3D CAM) as part of our daily production process.  Should the need arise to capture a sculptor’s hand-carved wax or wood model, SA Baxter has the means to reproduce gorgeous works of art via advanced mold-making techniques or even 3D digital laser scanning technology.

Part of the SA Baxter digital toolbox is 3D printing rapid prototype technology.  To say we’re extremely excited about the 3D Printing Revolution is the understatement of the decade.  Our in-house 3D printing capabilities allow us to quickly evaluate new product concepts, and dramatically reduce our product development cycles.  3D printing technology is advancing at a furious rate.  3D printing is revolutionizing the way designers prototype and even manufacture all spectrums of product.  Rest assured that we geeks at SA Baxter are always informed of the latest in 3D printing rapid manufacturing technologies, and eagerly participating in this tech-driven manufacturing renaissance.

Oh sure, this 3D technology is flashy and makes for good press…but what this really provides for our clients is design flexibility.  Clients can work with our highly skilled designers and engineers to quickly customize one of our standard products, or even develop a unique, one-of-a-kind bespoke piece in brass, bronze, or white bronze.  Please bring us a napkin sketch of your dream door hardware – and watch our designers bring your concept to fruition in living 3D color.

Bob Campbell AKA ‘Stig‘ (born 1963) is a self taught English sculptor. He is best known for his furniture design and his use of redundant mechanical and industrial parts. His home and workshop are located in South Yorkshire, a region of England that was traditionally a centre for heavy engineering and steel production. The area experienced a dramatic decline in fortunes from the 1980’s onwards and this is evident in both the forms and materials he works with.

“I make sophisticated sculptures that go far beyond their functional use. Every piece of work I produce takes its own form, each piece of material I use is re-claimed and re-used from industrial machinery that has now been discarded, by doing this I create a sculpture that has a use as well as an aesthetic beauty. My work is not only a sculpture it is a piece of history that addresses the global need to re-use exsisting materials.”