We are pleased to announce the addition of Centre Door Knobs to our Collection!

SA Baxter Centre/Center Door Knobs

Centre Door knobs, or Center Door Knobs in the US, are popular in Europe for placement in the center of an Entry Door. Often decorative, these large knobs are a gracious statement for Row Houses, Townhouses, and Estates. Many of our Door Knob designs are available in these over-sized dimensions. Centre Door Knob Diameters are 4 inches, paired with a 4-inch diameter rosette. An even larger 7-inch diameter rosette may be specified.

SA Baxter Center Door Knob CDK-2024 Burnished Brass

SA Baxter Centre Door Knob CDK-2024 finished in Burnished Brass. Shown with 4 Inch Diameter Rosette.


SA Baxter Centre/Center Gothic Door Door Knob, DK-5026.

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