For a space to feel truly distinctive, the hardware that defines it must carry a mark of excellence.

The Mark Of Timeless Design

The SA Baxter Mark has become a beacon in the design world, representing a relentless commitment to authenticity and refinement. Each piece of SA Baxter hardware and lighting is a testament to true artistry that’s nourished by tradition, informed by design, and enhanced by the spirit of innovation.

Based on the rich history of Gaelic heraldry, the arrow in the SA Baxter Mark represents the metal that is used to produce each statement piece. The chevron above the arrow signifies shelter and the home; and, the shield as a backdrop represents protection and durability for a lifetime.

When someone sees the SA Baxter Mark on a piece of hardware or lighting they know that it carries a master artisan’s signature, certifying that it meets the highest standards that have been set for it. It represents an unending commitment to produce the world’s most exquisite hardware and lighting.