Design Expert Scott Baxter Shares His Tips for Transforming Your Living Space for the New Year

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Design Expert Scott Baxter Shares His Tips for Transforming Your Living Space for the New Year.

Scott Baxter, CEO and founder of SA Baxter Design Studio & Foundry, and Scott Alexander Scents, is the go-to guy for revamping your living space.

The New York-based entrepreneur specializes in distinctive hardware, architectural lighting and unique finishes, all made to enable design and break the mold, and now he's sharing his tips on how to do just that. 

If you're looking to renovate your home, Baxter recommends starting with your hardware. "Changing your hardware can offer a drastic change without a deep renovation. You can change your hardware to make a statement and change the feel of the room," he tells ET. 

He also says combining rooms can help renew a residence. "A popular trend recently is combining your kitchen and your dining room to make your kitchen a more livable space where your family can congregate."

His next piece of advice: upgrade your flooring, modernize your lighting and spruce up your entrance. 

"If you have wooden floors or just moved into a home with older wooden flooring, you can stain them for a completely different look and feel," he notes.

"Additionally, many older homes, even ones built within the last 10 years, have lights that can be converted to LED lights, which will lower your electricity bill significantly," he adds.

"Changing out or painting your front door has a dramatic impact on the look of your home as well. It’s an easy place to make an architectural statement, and modernize the exterior of your house," he explains.

For those looking for a quick update, Baxter says small touches can do the trick. "Use color as accents in your living spaces. Most home interiors are neutral colors like white, gray and black, so it’s unexpected and fun to use pops of color via statement pieces and art," he says. 

"You can make your bedroom more inviting by giving it an identity through color as well. Painting one wall a bright color can transform the room and make it special," the design guru shares.

For something more subtle, Baxter notes the importance of fragrance. "Your home should have a memorable scent, just like a perfume or cologne," he says. "Our Ava Candle, which captures the scent and feel of a warm sea breeze, is a perfect example of a signature scent that can transport you and your guests to a day at the beach."