Introducing Project Ready

Today we open new doors for you.

For nearly 2 decades, we have been designing and creating architectural hardware out of our foundry deep in the Hudson Valley of New York.

Every so often, an architect will come to us with a new philosophical idea of how a door knob should function inside a space. From that conversation, our studio will innovate a new design. And then creation begins. We use an ancient 10 step process known as lost wax casting. We pour the highest quality metals which we traveled around the world to find. From beginning to end, every piece will go through the hands of seven members of our team.

While every piece of hardware inherently has utility, our pieces represent something more. They are pieces of art. They are stories. They are the embodiment of the energies of our team. Each one handcrafted, they are imperfectly perfect.

The process is long. The quality reflects the process.

Over the years our hardware has traveled around the world. It overlooks the Hudson, the Thames, and the Seine. It’s in yachts, palaces, and castles. As more people began to open more doors with our hardware, it inevitably led to more questions. The message was clear though, more people wanted more SA Baxter.

The challenge for us was could we possibly provide more at a price for more people without sacrificing quality?

After years of development, we finally opened that door. Introducing Project Ready. It’s 5 collections created in volume. The process means lower prices and shortened lead times. But the quality remains the same. We open this door in tandem with another door, the launch of our new website.

-Scott A. Baxter, Founder